We are a collective of healers and teachers with a wide array of experience, training and expertise. We combine traditional and modern healing techniques. We avoid categorical or unique schools of thoughts. Our ethos is to remain open and flexible, to meld the very best of multiple disciplines without being dogmatic. You will find in our approach aspects of modern psychotherapies. You will also find that we use ancient therapies related to the body’s energy and chemistry, such as yoga. We use storytelling as a tool to help you make sense of your life and experiences, to unlock the obstacles in your mind. We aim to give you tools to live a full and fulfilling life.


About Natalie Fraser

Natalie, the founder of Moment-M, is a unique healer and teacher who draws from many traditions, practices and a lifelong approach to learning. She is celebrated for her innovation, expedience and effectiveness.

Natalie started in acting and theatre at Concordia University. It opened the world of healing to Natalie. Theatre is the source. It is at the origins of modern religion, spirituality and psychotherapy. There she learned about obstacles, heroes, villains, victims, tragedy, love and resilience. She studied the very history, structures and archetypes of human nature. With every play, story and song, her practice was clear. It was about healing the human spirit and mind.

In addition to her studies in theatre, she pursued teachings in Indigenous culture, New Age religions, self-awareness, and human dynamics. In those fields, she found the same lessons of healing that she had learned in theatre.

The lessons of healing the spirit and mental health were reinforced yet again in her ongoing exploration, study and practice of both western and eastern medicine. She sees how interconnected the physical, emotional and spiritual are to the mental.

Most recently and excitingly, Natalie has been researching and working with concepts from neuroscience. She has introduced neuromodulators into her work to teach her clients neuroplasticity and how to use new parts of their brain. The science beautifully supports her spiritual, social and psychological techniques, helping her to get lasting results for her clients quicker.

“It’s an exciting time to be working in the field of well being in all of its manifestations in my life and work. I live a life of curiosity, creativity, research, and experimentation. As I teach I always remember I am eternally the student as well. 

Importantly, I aim to inspire. I want my clients to be confident in their self-care. I want to give them the tools of communication and to be the agents of their own healing and mental health.

Finally, I have learned to be humble, present and see through the lens of love as I walk this path and do this work. I choose to perceive that which I see in another exists in me and so the best I can be to another is gauged by the way I live my own life.”

-Natalie Fraser “Osa”-