From art to yoga, and from theatre to talking circles, we have eight years of experience developing and delivering highly successful programming for seniors. We build community, friendships and opportunities for healing. Explore our offerings and contact us to develop a program to suit your community centre, place of worship or residence.

Custom program design

Do you have a special area of programming that you need filled? We have been designing and teaching classes and arts-based therapies for over 25 years. We are open to any challenges. It could be crafting, dance, musical theatre, play making, drama club, meditation and mindfulness, intergenerational programming. It could be outings to shows, vineyards, galleries or museums with facilitation and activities planned. We can focus on only one area of activity, or we can combine several classes into a multi-disciplined program. Read about our other programs to get an idea of what is possible. Then, contact us for a consultation.

Cost: To be determined


Dance, dance, dance!

This is a fun way to exercise for all bodies. Participants will learn dance basics and will learn a routine to a song to be performed at the end for each other or for family and friends.



Drum Circles

In collaboration with Ottawa Bluesfest, we have been travelling with our drums to host these exciting drum circles for seniors for over four years. No experience necessary. We just hit the drums and find our natural rhythms. We offer a few techniques and teach and play a few familiar and new songs to go along with this magical experience. We supply drums and other percussion instruments for different abilities. This program can also be modified to make for a fun intergenerational program.

Cost: One-hour sessions at 100$/hr


Intergenerational card making

We match your group with a school that is walking distance from the seniors’ residence. We then help establish a beautiful ongoing or one time intergenerational creative experience. These cards are Random Act of Kindness Cards. They are just to let a person-in-need know that someone cares. In many cases, we arrange with parents and teachers to have the students deliver the cards to isolated seniors. If the school and residence choose to continue, we create diverse monthly programming at each visit.

Cost: One-hour sessions at 100$/hr (art materials are extra)


Let’s Paint

In the style of Paint Night, a facilitator will work with a group of seniors to recreate a famous painting together. They offer some historical information about the art piece, instruction on techniques and encouragement for all participants. This program can be offered as single events or as a series, where we explore artists connected by style or period, such as The Group of Seven. Best to contact us for a consultation on your needs.

Cost: 1.5 hour session at 100$ for one facilitator or 150$ for two facilitators (art materials are extra)


Let’s Paint – First Nations Art Series

Our First Nations art series includes painting, a lecture and discussion on the artists. We offer this as a series that includes five sessions. Clients are welcome to just come for the discussion if they do not wish to paint with us. Participants will be studying the works of famous Indigenous artists such as Norval Morrisseau, Daphne Odjig, and Benjamin Chee Chee. Participants will each create an original painting within the style of each artist. You will learn about Indigenous artists, styles, symbolism, acrylic paint, colour, composition and theory.

Participants will learn to recreate the following works:

  • Norval Morrisseau’s “Loon Family”
  • Daphne Odjig’s “Always Near”
  • Benjamin Chee Chee’s “Friends”
Costs: $150 per/1-hour session x 5 = $750 (art supplies cost extra)


Mindfulness and meditation

Whether for active seniors or clients with special needs, we offer a selection of styles of mindfulness and/or meditation and adapt them to the situation. For meditation we explore and practice different breathing techniques, learn about mantras and mudras to help with focus, and learn ways to slow the body and quiet the mind. In the mindfulness work we explore the meaning of being mindful and present as we walk through life. We offer different teachings, exercises and techniques for the students to explore and discuss. Book a workshop or a series of classes. We can design a program to suit your group’s needs.

Cost: One-hour sessions at 75$/hr


One-on-one spiritual counseling

If you know of clients suffering from loneliness, depression, anxiety or fear of death please do not hesitate to have them contact us directly for a counselling session. We also offer group lectures and mediation for residence problems such as bullying, and cultural clashes. We have over 20 years experience in spiritual counseling and have been working with seniors for almost a decade.

Cost: One-hour sessions at 100$/hr for a single session or 75$ per session for a grouping of sessions


Pot Painting and Planting

This is a fun spring time or summer activity. We paint terracotta pots and then plant them with seeds. We chat, laugh and build community. The facilitator comes with the materials and a selection of seeds. These plants can grow in windowsills, or be planted outside the residence after initial growth.

Costs: 100$/per one-hour session. Art supplies and seeds cost extra.


“Real conversations” – facilitated conference calls

We live in a time when real moments are often passed by with small talk and social graces. This is an hour to let loose and get real, speaking from the heart about real ideas and real feelings. We offer themes to be discussed and are also open to themes from the group. Examples of topics are; children, spouses, siblings, jobs, mistakes, dreams, and love.

As a counselor and someone who has worked with seniors for nine years, Natalie Fraser will safely guide the conversations. Participants can listen and experience or share and release. We always end the sessions with the participants knowing a real moment has occurred and there was trust and true sharing.

Costs: 75$ per/one-hour session


Seniors’ Spect-Act-ular Variety Show

Spect-Act-ular is a participatory community theatre troupe of 10 volunteer seniors who sing for and with you, act out skits, laugh with you and at themselves, recite poetry, do quizzes with prizes, and have creative ways of sharing stories in our interactive show.

Our troupe encourages the audience to share a story, song, poem, joke, dance or what ever they like during the show. We have delivered over 300 performances in the Nation’s Capital in the last nine years and have seen and shared some truly magical and spontaneous memorable experiences.

We perform anywhere there are seniors — in residences, hospitals, day programs, hospices, community centers and shopping centers. The show is hosted by Natalie Fraser and is adapted to the needs of each audience. Contact us to discuss show bookings.

Cost: One-hour show at 100$/hr


Quotes from audience

“I loved the music, but my favorite part was the end. I really needed that hug”

“Very Interesting and entertaining, I’d love to learn more about everyone’s background, because they all did fantastic”

“Highlight of my week”

“I loved every moment of it”

“Extremely enjoyable”



This is a one-hour, a cappella sing-along. Sheets with the lyrics are made available for the given encounter. Musical choices will be offered, however, groups that are ongoing could pick themes for the following session.

Participants are not required to be good singers, just to be the best bad singers they can be and if they can’t read along well they are welcome to hum or just listen. 

Cost: 75$ per one-hour session


Story sharing – “Our Stories, Their Stories”

We start by sharing stories from the three books we have published called “Our Stories, Their stories; Captured moments of Canadian history gifted to us by Canadian seniors.” These books are a means to trigger memories of times gone by. The hour will be spent hearing the published stories and sharing the stories of participants. Rich, meaningful and authentic.

Cost: 75$ per one-hour session


Talking circles

This program is to help residents more easily make real connections with other residents. It also helps them learn how to manage depression and anxiety. We cover life skills in effective communication, conflict resolution, mindfulness, and compassion amongst other topics to aid the residents in this phase of their lives.

We also offer group lectures and mediation for residence problems such as bullying, and cultural clashes.

Cost: 100$ per one-hour session


Yoga – Restorative, Chair and classic Hatha yoga for all bodies

Our certified yoga instructors will design a class based on your client’s needs. It can be adapted to multiple levels if need be. Your clients have the options of using other props such as yoga balls, blocks and straps, which we provide. Extra mats are provided if participants are comfortable working on the floor. Contact us for full details. 

Cost: 75$ per one-hour session.



“For the past six years I have been lucky to be part of a seniors acting group, which was organized by and directed by Natalie Fraser. She has exceptional skills, which include the ability to develop programs and to oversee their implementation. In addition, she can quickly establish rapport with any group including seniors as well as obtaining their full participation. I can readily vouch for her stellar abilities.” – Earl

“Natalie Fraser. Who is she? She dreams big and gets things done. She is continuously seeking answers and questions anyone who can help her find her ‘happy, healthy and loving self’.  She is a teacher and a motivator.  Anyone who has the good fortune to work with Natalie will learn and enjoy whatever the topic. Natalie has been the originator and director of a little acting group that consists of seniors who enjoy entertaining seniors.  I am a member of this group and I thank my lucky stars that I was at the right place and time to meet Natalie when she was setting up our group called ‘Spectacular’.” – Marilyn