A workshop for better communications and self-awareness

Your body language speaks volumes. Others are telling you something with their body language, too. What is it? Often, we have an intuitive sense about what someone is telling us. But, we can’t quite put our finger on it. We can sense there is disconnect between someone’s words and what we feel is really going on. Wouldn’t it be helpful to truly understand what is being said? And what if you could communicate with absolute clarity with others?

According to psychologist, Dr. Albert Mehrabian, there is a ratio 7/38/55 for communication. Words account for 7%, tone of voice accounts for 38% and your body language accounts for 55%. When words spoken don’t match the tone of voice or the body language the meaning of communications is unclear and mixed messages are the result.

This workshop will help you decode body language and voice tone in others. It will help you align words with voice and body. You will learn to use physical communication to control fear, increase your own confidence and the confidence of others in you. Clarity in communications and relationships will be the lasting gift.

This four-hour workshop uses experiential learning and play for an effective learning experience. There are four parts:

Part 1 – What did you say?
We open with an assessment and discussion of where you are at now in your communication skills. It includes an exercise to understand the impact of tone of voice.

Part 2 – Let’s become aware.
Participants are introduced to mindfulness and the value of presence. The group is led through gentle movement and meditation, while heightening awareness of breath.

Part 3 – There’s strength in vulnerability
It sounds uncomfortable and counter-intuitive to people whose goal is strength, but this is where clarity of communication starts to arise – in vulnerability. Participants work in pairs to explore physical communication and how vulnerability equates to strength.

Part 4 – A time, place and posture for everything
As an ensemble, the group will move through different postures to learn and then discuss what they are communicating. This final part closes with a talk on the importance of location and timing.