A workshop for trainers to understand clients’ motivations.

Learn what types of people come to you in what types of bodies. Is it hard or soft armour? Are they trying to protect themselves? Or are they getting ready to fight back? Are they keeping others out while beating themselves up inside? Are they unable to protect themselves and just getting bruised? Who is getting hurt? And when will it hurt so much that they choose to change?

It’s not enough to know a client’s body type. You need to be able to understand the emotional meaning of a body type. Once you understand that meaning, you will be able to care for and kindle a client’s motivation for change.

In this three-hour workshop, we will discuss soft armour (fat) and hard armour (muscle) and the risks that each one represents to the heart, emotionally and physically. We will look at how working out can change and build the right chemical for peace and happiness in the body.

The results of your ability to read you clients’ bodies will then lead to long-term, sustainable health for your clients. Your training will be doubly effective.

You will learn to:

  • Read your client’s body and meaning;
  • Help your client reduce the risk of further injury, whether physical or emotional;
  • Gently remind your client to fix what hurts inside;
  • Point your client towards positive self-care and healing;
  • Appreciate and celebrate the journey, not the destination; and
  • Empower your clients to take ownership of their mental, emotional and physical life.

Every-body is beautiful — beYOUtiful — and we only get one.