“It starts with fear and ends with conscious, authentic and compassionate communication.”

Natalie Fraser

Non-violent communication (NVC) is at the heart of this program. It was developed by Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg in the 1970s and has been used effectively by conflict resolution and relationship specialists around the world ever since. Natalie Fraser has further adapted the NVC teachings to address the challenges and cultural complexities of our times. And she has added mindfulness and self-mastery to power up your organization.

The Corporate Power-Up Program teaches participants the skills for creating a powerful, peaceful and productive workplace. It aims to create a nimble organization that can successfully navigate the complexities and constant shift of ideas, people, and technologies of our times. It is all based on authentic communication. And it gives everyone a sense of clarity and empowerment.

The program includes three parts:

We first work together with you to better understand your organization’s needs and challenges. We structure the training modules and coaching accordingly. Learn more.

Power-Up Training
There are 25 teaching and 11 exercise modules for a total of 30-hours. We cover the core teachings of non-violent communications. We get all members of your team working together, practicing and using their skills of authentic communications. Learn more.

Power-Up Coaching
The coaching is the glue that brings it all together and ensures quick and sustainable change in your corporate culture and operations. An essential component of the overall program, it helps you apply and practice your skills. It also serves to address issues as they come up (which they do). Learn more.