Corporate culture repair program

Want to lower stress, increase productivity, improve collaboration and communication, and build a positive culture? This program will help by addressing one of the main blockages of the human psyche – fear. It is a made-to-measure program that will require initial consultations with management and staff to identify the pain points and array of fears being expressed within the organization. Once identified, a series of one-on-one mediations and group facilitations is tailored to your organization to address the fears and to lower stress.

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify fears and triggers
  • Overcome fears and lessen the fearful reaction to triggers
  • Use a common language to heal
  • Conduct difficult conversations with positive outcomes
  • Build a culture of trust, caring, support and resilience
  • Develop positive relationships at work

Cost: 200$ an hour

(Upon initial consultation, a total cost estimate will be provided)