Host your own themed day, evening or weekend of healing. Choose from the offerings below to create a meaningful and life-altering event for your friends and family.

  • Body talk – An experiential workshop, this is an introduction to understanding how breath, facial expression and body language inform us to truth of emotion and character. We also explore corporal archetypes and stereotypes.
  • Burning ceremony – This half-day healing ceremony is about building community and self. It starts with a small ceremony. There is food sharing, teaching, a creative exercise, release writing, manifestation writing. It closes with a burning ceremony and song.
  • Eight limbs of yoga – The facilitator will introduce and discuss with you about each of the eight limbs of yoga and how it represents as a guide for living a good life.
  • Finding your voice – An experiential workshop on breath, sound, voice and song, we start with a physical warm up, breathing exercise and toning. You will learn about the voice as instrument and the fine points of communicating with tone of voice, words, pitch and timing. We end with songs learned and sung by group.
  • Group soul card readings – Open to your own vulnerability and inner guidance. Share with the facilitator in interpreting your card and those of the others in the group.
  • Mindfulness workshop – We start with an explanation of presence and mindfulness and then move to meditation, exercises and a mindful discussion.
  • Personality types made easy – Learn to understand your own personality under stress and how to identify other’s personalities under stress and learn how to respond for best results.
  • Vision board workshop – Pick your theme; work, relationship, or future dreams. Bring supplies if you choose or some will be provided. The facilitator will help open you up to your creativity and heart’s truest desires.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities and terms.