A workshop for better communications and success

Relating to clients is like navigating into the centre of a house. There are three doors through which we can enter to get to the centre. One door is mental. Another door is emotional. The last is the physical. And each door always affects the others. For example, sometimes we don’t want to talk but we want to feel better. Sometimes we need to talk just so we can find our strength. Sometimes when we breathe deep and move, we release things and emotions come to the surface. Those are the three doors at work.

It doesn’t matter which door you take, they all lead to the same place – your clients’ wellbeing.

In this three-hour workshop we will explore the value of each door — how to access them, how to respect that each person and door is different. We will look at how to work with and understand the mind/body connection so that you can relate to your clients in a mature and caring way.

You will learn:

  • A new way to look at intimacy, keeping sexuality out of connection;
  • The value of asking questions over making statements;
  • Techniques for being present for your client — even on days you may be in physical or emotional pain;
  • To speak the hard truths in an effective and proactive way;
  • To read and understand your clients breath and posture;
  • How to gain insights on injury prevention; and
  • How to truly communicate with and help your clients.