A workshop to unlock potential.

Many of us feel like we are not enough or that we don’t have enough. We feel inadequate. We are always judging ourselves. We cast that judging eye onto others, too. Some call it drive. Some call it competition. It’s healthy, right? Wrong.

We live in a culture full of judgement of self and others. It is a mindset that gets in the way of achieving true human potential. If you are a trainer or teacher, your judgement becomes the block to your own and to your clients’ success. To help another we must first see the other as they are, not as how we judge them to be. Before you can get to that state of non-judgement, we must be able to look honestly and lovingly at ourselves without judgement.

This three-hour workshop is a powerful way to unlock your potential and that of your clients.

You will learn:

  • The difference between mindfulness and presence;
  • That the judgement of another is a judgement of oneself;
  • The difference between discernment, observation and judgement;
  • How to speak your truth in a kind and effective way;
  • How to stop the blame and shame game; and
  • To truly see your clients’ needs.